Easy Way to Locate Wi-Fi Hotspots

Having problem to locate Wi-Fi hotspots nearby when you need the Internet access especially when you are on business trip or travel oversea?

Feel free to check on following websites that can help to locate the hotspots at restaurant, hotel, café, shopping mall or other public locations, so that you can connect to Wi-Fi hotspot and have Internet access by using laptop with wireless adapter, iPhone, iPad, PDA or other mobile devices to do email checking, web browsing, chatting, etc. Some of these services are free to use, others charge some access fees.

Wifimaps - Wifimaps is a web mapping service for free wifi spots worldwide. Its database is updated daily.

OpenWiFiSpots - OpenWiFiSpots is a comprehensive directory of free wireless (WiFi) hotspots continuously updated by a growing community of users. The easy to use interactive mapping system allows you to find free wifi hotspots in any area throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder - WI-Fi hotspot directory powered by Boingo with global coverage. It supports free text searching and so you can simply key in city or address to search. You can get passpoints in order to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots automatically.

Hotspot Locations – The Wireless Directory - Pretty simple and straight forward Wi-Fi finder website. Search by country, state, city, ZIP code or operator.

Wi-Fi-FreeSpot - This Wi-Fi-FreeSpot directory mainly lists the hotspots that offer free Wi-Fi service. USA State-by-State listings come first with Europe and other regions of the World listed further down the page.

Service Wi-Fi Space - This Service Wi-Fi Space allows you to quickly find an affordable Wi-Fi hotspots in your city, region, country - no matter where you are.

Comcast Hotspot Finder - This Wi-Fi hotspot finding website is provided by Comcast. Mainly it targets US hotspots and you can search based on address, city, state or zip.

If you don’t like the web browser approach but instead prefer the mobile app to locate Wi-Fi hotspots, then you can consider following mobile apps:

WiFi Map - This app claims to have the largest Wi-Fi community in the World! You will be able to locate hotspots, passwords and also comments from Wifi Map users!l You can install this app on iOS or Android mobile devices.

WiFi Finder + Map - Find Fast WiFi wherever you go with the SpeedSpot WiFi Finder with Offline Maps. The WiFi Finder is getting its data directly from SpeedSpots crowdsourced database of hundreds of thousands of WiFi Hotspots around the world. It got Offline functionality for you to download places that you are traveling to, so you can find Fast WiFi anywhere. Seems you can install this app on iOS mobile device only.

Open WiFi Finder - This Open WiFi Finder app can search and find quickly and easily open and free WiFi networks. The free and open WiFi networks are provided by many restaurants and shops for you to enjoy for free. Open WiFi Finder, it will show all available networks in the area of action of your phone, but you clearly indicate which are Open and free. This app is supported on Android mobile device only.

Avast Wi-Fi Finder - Avast Wi-Fi Finder is suitable for those seeking a free, fast, reliable, and secure Wi-Fi connection. It collects only quality hotspots that are verified and proofed by real people so you can have higher trust on its recommendations when you need to find a network. It’s supported on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

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