Easy Way to Locate Wi-Fi Hotspots

Having problem to locate Wi-Fi hotspots nearby when you need the Internet access especially when you are on business trip or travel oversea?

Feel free to check on following websites that can help to locate the hotspots at restaurant, hotel, café, shopping mall or other public locations, so that you can connect to Wi-Fi hotspot and have Internet access by using laptop with wireless adapter, iPhone, iPad, PDA or other mobile devices to do email checking, web browsing, chatting, etc. Some of these services are free to use, others charge some access fees.

Wi-Fi ZONE Finder - Another WI-Fi hotspot directory powered by JiWire. You can search by specific address or browse by country, state, and city. Listings include maps, driving directions, location photos and on-site amenities.

Hotspot Locations – The Wireless Directory - Pretty simple and straight forward Wi-Fi finder website. Search by country, state, city, ZIP code or operator.

Wi-Fi-FreeSpot - This Wi-Fi-FreeSpot directory mainly lists the hotspots that offer free Wi-Fi service. USA State-by-State listings come first with Europe and other regions of the World listed further down the page.

Wi-FiHotSpotList.com - Leading resource for finding wireless access points around the world. Thousands of Wi-Fi HotSpot locations are listed and new sites are added daily.

hotspotr - This Wi-Fi hotspot finding website is community driven. All hotspots are added by users like you. It mainly lists the hotspots in US.

Total Hotspots - Total Hotspots helps you find your ideal hotspots. You can also share your ratings with the global wirefree community to receive personalised recommendations.

WIFINDER - Another website that can help you to locate hotspots. It shows you the supported wireless standard as well on found hotspots.

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