Question: What is the usage of WiFi hotspot?

A WiFi hotspot (public hotspot) is normally referred to the public area that offers WiFi or wireless access by using the wireless access point. It’s easy for visitors to use the laptop, PDA, cell phone or other portable wireless device to connect to hotspot and access to Internet to do web browsing, email checking, etc. Normally this service is free but sometimes you need to pay some access fee for premium access.

It’s very popular nowadays, you can easily find the hotspot at airport, hotel, bookstore, library, restaurant, library, department store or other public locations, therefore connecting to Internet is so convenient nowadays. Please note that although hotspot provides convenient way for public Internet access, it’s also the common area to encounter computer hacking or other security breach incidents, so please avoid conducting any financial or important activity online when your laptop or mobile device is connected to hotspot without taking any security measure to minimize the risk.

Feel free to take a look on these WiFi hotspot security threats and WiFi hotspot security tips to learn more on this topic.

Please note you can also create a wifi or mobile hotspot on your Windows 10 device. Happy networking! :)