Forgot WiFi Password? Check Here to Recover It! 

Somehow you forgot the WiFi password of currently connected wireless network or the one you have connected to before, and so want to recover the WiFi password, then here I will show you some quick ways to do it.

Basically I will show you how to identify the WiFi password of existing connected wireless network from Windows settings, how to use command prompt and Wireless Key Finder to recover WiFi password and lastly how to reveal WiFi password from wireless router settings.

Method 1: Revealing WiFi Password from Windows Settings

1) Let me quickly show how to identify the WiFi password from currently connected wireless network here in Windows 10. Go to Start->Settings->Network & Internet, click on Change adapter options.
Windows 10 change adapter settings
2) Network Connections window will appear, right click your WiFi connection and click on Status. Proceed to click on Wireless Properties in WiFi status window.
wireless network connection properties
3) You then go ahead to click on the Security tab and tick the Show characters to find out the WiFi password on currently connected wireless network. Note: If you want to find out the wireless password of other connected wireless networks before, then continue the reading.
wireless network security key

Method 2: Using netsh Command to Find Out Wireless Password

1) Open command prompt, type netsh wlan show profile to list down the wireless network profiles of all the wireless networks this computer have connected to before.
Windows 10 netsh wlan show profile
2) Identify the wireless network which you would like to know the WiFi password, then issue this command to find out: netsh wlan show profile [your-wireless-network] key=clear. As an example below, I issued the command below to find out the wireless password of link-network.
netsh cmd to show wifi key

Method 3: Using Free Wireless Key Finder to Find Out Wireless Password

If you don't like the command prompt method to identify WiFi password, then you can install this free Wireless Key Finder to quickly retrieve and show you the wireless passwords of different wireless networks.

Method 4: Finding Out Wireless Password from Wireless Router Management Page

If you have access to the wireless router management console, then you can find out the wireless password of the configured wireless network too.

Just go ahead to log in to your wireless router management console via web browser, and identify the configured wireless password in wireless section, such as how I identified the wireless password of link-network below.
wireless router wifi key

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