Using Wii LAN Adapter to Access Internet through Wired Network

If you have Nintendo Wii but with only wired home network, then you can just get a Wii LAN adapter to connect your Wii to wired network and access the Internet.

As you can see from the network diagram below, it shows the way to connect your Wii to wired network by using Wii LAN adapter (please connect it after turning off the wired router and Wii). Just connect the adapter’s USB cable to Wii’s USB port, and then use a straight network cable to connect the adapter to wired router’s LAN port.

Wii with Wii LAN Adapter Network Diagram

Also you can connect the adapter to the cable/DSL modem directly and access Internet. Please note if you are DSL connection users, many DSL modems are not compatible with this adapter (only some will), so it’s better you connect it to router as I mentioned above. Also if you are required to key in username and password as required by ISP in order to connect to Internet, then the modem will not work with the adapter directly.

Connect Wii to Wired Network Modem we are going to set it up.. Power up the wired router and aslo Wii. Ensure you’ve enabled DHCP setting on the router.

1) Go the Wii console's main menu, click the Wii button in the lower left corner. You will then come to Wii settings screen, click on Wii Settings button.

Wii Button of Wii Console Wii Settings

2) After that, click the right arrow Nintendo Wii Right Arrow to enter the second page of settings and click on Internet button.

Wii Internet Settings

3) Click Connection Settings, then click Connection 3 to create new connection.

Wii Connection Settings Wii Wireless Internet Settings

4) Click on Wired Connection.

Wii LAN Adapter Wired Connection

5) Finally click Ok and start to do automatic connection test to access Internet. If you face the problem, check for additional troubleshooting info here.

Wii Initiating Connection Test

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