Windows 10 Ad Hoc Wireless Network Setup

Thinking of Windows 10 ad hoc wireless network setup but need some help to set it up? Yes! You have come to the right place, here I will quickly show you how to do it.

In general, this capability enables you to set up temporary wireless network on Windows 10 laptop for other devices to connect to it directly for documents, movies or other files transfer. All this can be done without relying on wireless router or access point.

Having said so, no longer it is supported explicitly in Windows 10 as you won't be able to do it with graphic user interface but still you can with command lines approach.

Without further delay, let me quickly show how to do it here:

1) First, key in cmd in search field next to Start button, after that click Run as Administrator to run command prompt as admin user.
run command prompt as admin user
2) Next, type the following command in command prompt and hit Enter button to make sure that your network interface supports the Hosted Network feature: netsh wlan show driver

Everything looks good if Hosted network supported shows Yes, else you can try to update the wireless adapter driver to support this hosted network feature.
hosted network supported
3) Now is the time to create ad hoc wireless network. Go ahead to type this command in the command prompt and press Enter: netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid="your-wifi-network-name" key="wifi-network-password" This is an example of how to use this command.
Create Windows 10 ad hoc wifi network
4) Finally type the following command and press Enter button to start the newly created ad hoc wireless network: netsh wlan start hostednetwork
start hostednetwork
5) After having the ad hoc wireless network created on this Windows 10 device, you can now use other laptop, computer or other device to connect to this network. Just look for the wireless SSID (in my case ad-hoc) and connect to it.

Note: You can also try this manual approach for connecting to ad hoc wireless network.

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