Quick Way to Change Windows 10 Computer Name and Workgroup

Let me show you a quick way to change Windows 10 computer name and workgroup in this article. This will be especially useful if you don’t like the computer name assigned to your computer or you want to create new workgroup.

Please note that you need to assign unique computer name to each computer on the same network, but can group all home computers under same workgroup for easy access. By default your computer will be assigned WORKGROUP as workgroup name, same as default workgroup in other windows operating systems.

The good part is that it’s very easy to do it in Windows 10. Let’s quickly go through it here:

1) First, right click the Start button and click on the System.

Note: The other way to access this System window is by going to Control Panel->System and Security->System.
Windows 10 system
2) Once the System window appears, scroll down the window and you will be able to locate existing computer name and also workgroup. If you want to change computer name and/or workgroup, go ahead to click Change settings.

Note: You will be able to find out the installed Windows OS version and other system related info (Processor, memory, system type, etc) in this window too.
Windows 10 computer name
3) System properties window will appear, and feel free to type a few words to describe your computer in computer description field if you want. If not, just go ahead to click on Change…
change Windows 10 computer name
4) Proceed to key in new computer name and workgroup name in Computer Name/Domain Changes window. Finally click OK button to close all windows and restart your computer. That’s it! You’ve done it!

Note:Make sure the computer name is unique in your network, not more than 15 characters and avoid from using this characters for naming your computer: ` ~ @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) = + [ ] { } | ; : , ‘ “ . < > / ?

Note: New computer name and workgroup will only in effect after restarting the computer.
changed computer name workgroup
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