Windows 8 Networking Tips

If you are looking for Windows 8 networking tips, then this page is perfect for you. Hope that this page will provide you more ideas to solve you networking problem or configure network related settings much easier.
How to Enable Windows 8 Remote Desktop Feature
How to Enable Windows 8 Remote Desktop Feature? You will think about this if you want to connect and access this Remote Desktop enabled computer from other Windows computer in order to manage the system, use application, print document or access other resources.

Windows 8 Network Discovery How to
Enabling Windows 8 network discovery is similar to how it’s done in Windows 7 or Vista, so that your computer will be able to discover and see other network computers and devices on the network and vice versa.

How to Change Network Location Type in Windows 8
How to change network location type in Windows 8? Huh! Seems it’s a bit tricky if you are new to Windows 8.

How to Check Network or Wireless Adapter Driver Status in Windows 8
As you know network or wireless adapter driver needs to be installed correctly in Windows 8 or other OS in order for you to connect the computer or laptop to the network, and so I would like to show you how to check its driver status in this article.

Windows 8 IP Address Configuration
Windows 8 IP address configuration made easy! In order for computer to communicate with other computer, laptop or other network devices, it needs to have IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS servers configured properly.

Changing Windows 8 Computer Name and Workgroup
Changing Windows 8 computer name and workgroup is quite easy! Usually you will be prompted to provide computer name during Windows 8 installation, but you might not like the computer name and would like to change it later, and so this article could help you.

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