Question: Does wireless encryption slowdown the wireless speed?

Yes! Wireless encryption, such as WEP, WPA, WPA2 or WPA3 will use some time and resources to encrypt and decrypt the wireless packets.

However the slowdown is not significant in which can be easily ignored and so it’s strongly recommended you enable encryption to secure your wireless network. This is because those encrypted packets are not viewable even they are sniffed or captured unless the encryption is cracked.

With this, I highly recommend you to use WPA3 as it's the most secure wireless security protocol thus far in the industry, which is much more secure than WEP, WPA or WPA2.

The WPA3 is resistant to offline dictionary attacks, which is a common attack where a bad guy attempts to determine a network password by trying different possible passwords through automated password guessing application.

These are key features of WPA3:

Natural password selection: Allows users to choose passwords that are easier to remember
Ease of use: Delivers enhanced protections with no change to the way users connect to a network
Forward secrecy: Protects data traffic even if a password is compromised after the data was transmitted

If your wireless router does not support latest WPA3 then you should use WPA2. The WPA2 encryption keys can be cracked according to this article especially if you use default Pre-shared key or simple key.

Lastly, don't use WEP at all as it's just so easy to be hacked.

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