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Wireless FAQ

Here are some wireless FAQs based on the questions asked by Internet users and friends:

Question: What are the wireless speeds of 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac and 802.11ax wireless standards?

Question: How to secure a wireless network?

Question: Why do we need to configure LAN and WAN (Internet) IP settings on home router?

Question: How to find default router password?

Question: What to do if you forgot router password?

Question: What is wireless Internet access?

Question: What is WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)?

Question: What is WiMAX?

Question: Can we connect 2 computers directly and wirelessly?

Question: What is the difference between enabling and disabling SSID broadcast?

Question: What is infrastructure wireless network?

Question: Can we configure wireless router as an access point only?

Question: What is MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output)?

Question: What are 802.11pre-n or 802.11n (draft) wireless products?

Question: Which wireless standard should I use?

Question: What is the difference between wireless router and access point?

Question: Can I set up wireless network using equipments from different manufacturers?

Question: Why I cannot access Internet with good wireless signal strength?

Question: Are WEP and WPA encryptions secure?

Question: Does wireless encryption slowdown the wireless speed?

Question: Is MAC address filtering really useful?

Question: What is QoS (Quality of Service)?

Question: How to control bandwidth on wireless router?

Question: What is the difference between VPN and VPN pass-through feature on router?

Question: What is WiFi Multimedia (WMM)?

Question: What is the usage of WiFi hotspot?

Question: What is the difference between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?

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