How to Use Wireless Media Player

Wanna to play digital music from your computer and the music comes out from stereo system in your living room? Cool right? Yep.. Thanks to wireless media player! Using this wireless device you can play different format of media files and your family members could enjoy the music together. By the way, most of the latest products also enable you to show photos or play video files from your computer and get displayed on TV.

Here is one of the setups on how to use the media player by connecting it to wireless router; you can also connect it to access point, ad-hoc wireless network or wired Ethernet network:

Wireless Media Player Network

The setup is easy, first connects your stereo system or TV to the media player, and then configures the media player to join wireless network or wired Ethernet network. Just connect a computer to media player and configure the IP, related network information and wireless network setting (SSID, channel, connection mode, encryption key).

You are also required to install the media utility that provided by vendor on your computer to play the digital media (music, video, photo) using your favorite media player, and enjoy the output from stereo system or TV. Please note that only one computer can connect to media player at a time.

Like most of the wireless products on the market, the media player supports 802.11b/g wireless standard and WEP encryption is generally provided. I would advise to get the one with WAP/WAP2 encryption support to better secure your wireless network.

Ask yourself several questions below when you look for the media player, so that you can get a suitable one:

1) What kind of media player you need? The one can play music only? Or the one can play music, video and photo?

2) What media format are supported on media player? Just to make sure your favorite media file formats are supported.

3) What type of connectors are supported on media player? For the advanced player that can play music, video and photo, it usually supports TV with composite, S-Video, component, or HDMI video inputs and an audio device with composite, coaxial digital or optical digital audio inputs. So, just to ensure it works for your case. Here are some wireless media players that available on the market:

Linksys WMB54G Wireless-G Music Bridge - The Linksys Wireless-G Music Bridge lets you bring the digital music streaming to or stored on your computer to your Home Entertainment Center.

D-Link DSM-520 MediaLounge Wireless HD Media Player - Stream music, photos, and high-definition videos to your home entertainment system with the DSM-520 Wireless HD Media Player.

Here are the media players that come with transmitter and receiver:

Creative Labs Xmod Wireless Music System with X-Fi Technology 70SB083000004 - Connect the Xmod Wireless transmitter to your PC and desktop speakers to enjoy Xtreme Fidelity music.

ViewSonic NMP-302W Network Media Player for Digital Signage - This network media player delivers reliable and stunning 1080p multimedia playback on large format displays and digital signage solutions.

If you have problem on your home stereo or theater system, take a look on :o)

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