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Preparation for Wireless Network Setup

Ok. Let’s make preparation for wireless network setup. You can decide what wireless devices you need after this reading.

You also need to know what kind of wireless standard to be used in the network, it can be either 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g or mixture of wireless standard. If you haven’t read about wireless standards, read it here.

Wireless Router or Wireless Access Point

Wireless router or wireless access point is the most important device you need when setting up wireless network.

You use wireless router when you are going to build your first network at home together with DSL or Cable modem. If you already set up Ethernet wired network at home, you can just get a wireless access point and connect it to network to expand the network with wireless connection capability. Our focus in this tutorial is on wireless router, however you can check out this wireless access point usage article if you plan to use this network device.

Wireless Router/AP

Now let’s turn to wireless portion on your computer or notebook.

Wireless Adapter for Computer Users

You need to have wireless adapter installed on your desktop computer in order to join wireless network. It’s just a PCI card with antenna which can be inserted to your computer motherboard. If you don't like PCI wireless adapter, then you can use USB wireless adapter as shown below.

Wireless Card

Wireless PCMCIA card for Notebook Users

If you have notebook with built-in wireless adapter (which is very common nowadays), then you are ready to connect to wireless network. It’s just that simple, don't need any additional hardware.

If you are using other non-wireless ready notebooks, then you will need to install wireless PCMCIA card for accessing wireless network.

Some wireless PCMCIA card provides 50% greater range than standard 802.11g and support maximum bandwidth performance of 108 Mbps.

Wireless PCMCIA

USB Wireless Adapter

If you have several desktop computers or notebooks, and you want to share wireless adapter with other computers sometimes, then you can consider to use USB wireless adapter. It's handy to be shared, ie. you can just unplug USB wireless adapter from notebook and plug it to the computer for connecting to wireless network. The size of this adapter is pretty small and it looks like USB thumb drive.

USB Wireless Card

Ha.. there are quite some wireless gadgets available for wireless network setup, but only pick those you need. You can check more wireless products which I recommended here, and take some time to compare the price, features and your requirements. Let's start wireless network setup by connecting wireless router with other network devices.

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