Finding Wireless Password of Connected Wireless Network in Windows 10

At times you might want to find the wireless password after forgetting about it, therefore here I will show you how to locate it in Windows 10.

Wireless password is important to secure wireless network from unauthorized users. I would recommend you to use WPA2 wireless security protocol for setting up wireless password, since it’s still considered more secure than WEP or WPA. Having said that, the WPA2 encryption keys can be cracked too especially if you use default Pre-shared key or simple key. If your wireless router supports latest WPA3 then for sure you should use it.

Without further ado, let's follow these instructions to reveal wireless password of connected wireless network in Windows 10:

1) First, right click the network icon in lower right corner (taskbar area) of Windows desktop screen, and click on Open Network & Internet settings.
Windows 10 - check network internet settings
2) When the Network & Internet settings window appears, go ahead to click Change adapter options.

Note:The other way to go to this Change adapter options is via: Start->Settings->Network & Internet->Wi-Fi->Change adapter options
Windows 10 change adapter settings
3) In Network Connections window, right click the WiFi adapter connected to wireless network and click on Status.
4) Proceed to click on Wireless Properties in Wi-Fi status window.
5) After that you will be shown the connected wireless network info (name, SSID, network type, network availability) and other options on how do you want to connect to this wireless network.
wireless network connection properties
6) Go ahead to click Security and tick on Show characters. Bingo! Here you will find out the wireless password of connected wireless network.
wireless network security key

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