Question: What is WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)?

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a protocol created by Wi-Fi Alliance to help you to use computer to join wireless network with wireless security encryption easily and simpler.

You are no longer need to set SSID, wireless encryption key and other wireless network settings on wireless router/access point if this feature is supported on wireless router/access point and wireless adapter/other network devices.

Usually you can have you computer connected to wireless network by pressing WPS button or using 8 digits PIN only on both devices if both wireless router/access point and computer’s wireless adapter support this feature.

This is an example on how to use it on Linksys router:

1. If your client device has a Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ button,click or press that button and then click the button on the right on wireless router management page.

2. If your client device has a Wi-Fi Protected Setup PIN number,enter that number here on wireless router management page and then click register.

3. If your client asks for the Router's PIN number,enter this number xxxxxxxx in your client device.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup - WPS

Although WPS gives you the convenience to connect to wireless network, but it's not secure as the 8 digits PIN can be brute force attacked easily. There is this tool called Reaver which is commonly used to brute force attack WPS PIN, and you can have a look on how it's been used to crack WPS PIN here. Therefore what does this mean? Well! You are advised to disable WPS if it's supported on your wireless router.

Old router models might not give you option to disable the WPS, but nowadays the wireless routers you find on the market will allow you to disable this feature.

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