Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter - Connect Xbox360 to Internet Wirelessly

Going wireless with Xbox 360 is not difficult! Just get Xbox 360 wireless adapter and connect your Xbox 360 to Internet wirelessly for Xbox Live play or video/music streaming.

This official Xbox 360 wireless adapter supports 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g wireless standards. Here is simple way to attach it to Xbox 360: Disconnect any network cable from Xbox 360, after that press the tabs on the adapter into the two slots on the back of the console. Connect the adapter’s USB connector to the Xbox 360’s USB port and flip up the antenna.

As long as you have set up wireless network with wireless router or wireless access point, you can connect your Xbox 360 to Internet now.

As usual, just go to the System area of the Xbox Dashboard to enter your wireless network settings by keying SSID and wireless encryption key. The Xbox 360 should connect to your wireless network after that if all wireless settings are correct. The performance of this wireless adapter is good, but it’s a bit pricy.

Note: Please note this wireless adapter only support WEP and WPA wireless encryptions for the time being. It does not support WPA2 wireless encryption yet.

Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter NetworkXbox 360 Wireless Adapter

Also as I know the following Xbox 360 wireless adapter MN-740 only support WEP encryption, so it’s not a good choice to have if you care about wireless security. Good point about this product is its much cheaper price. You can consider to get one if there is no other computers connect to your wireless network except Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter MN-740

Sometimes you might find out the wireless adapters manufactured by Microsoft doesn’t fulfill your requirements, you can also try these gaming adapters from different vendors:

Belkin F5D7330 802.11g Wireless Ethernet/Gaming Adapter
Linksys WGA54G Wireless-G Gaming Adapter
D-Link DWL-G820 Wireless Gaming Adapter, 802.11g, 108Mbps

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