How to Bring Xbox Online Connecting to Internet

Ever played Xbox online game over Internet? If not, that means you have not fully utilized the capability of this gaming console. If you hook up Xbox/360 to Internet, you will be able to play online game such as Halo 2, RoboBlitz and many more games with other players around the world. Player can also download new content for their games to the Xbox's hard disk.

If you like, you can use this Xbox-Live to play online Xbox game.

Here are some ways for you to connect Xbox to home network, so that you can play the game over Internet. You are advised to have Cable/DSL connection due to high speed Internet connection is needed.

Direct Connecting to Internet

This is the easiest way to connect Xbox to Internet. Just direct connect the Xbox to Cable/DSL modem with straight cable and set the game console to retrieve IP and network information automatically (DHCP) from modem.

The disadvantage of this approach is you can’t play the online game using XBConnect or Gamespy application. Also, no other computers at home can access Internet whenever you play Xbox online game.

Xbox Internet

Connecting to Internet using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

You can also set up Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) to share Internet connection with computers and Xbox. This is especially useful if your use USB based Cable/DSL modem. Please use crossover cable to connect Xbox directly to ICS host computer. If you plan to use network switch, just connect Xbox to the switch using straight cable.

Check out this tutorial on how to set up ICS.

Xbox ICS

Connecting to Internet through Router

You can also purchase a router and build a home network and connect to Internet. Just connect Xbox/360 to the router using straight cable and follow this home network tutorial to build the network.

You can also expand the network by using network switch.

Xbox Router

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