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Windows XP Networking Tips

This XP networking page is dedicated to provide Windows XP networking tips to help users to solve their networking problem or enhance their networking experience. Take a look and have fun..

Quick Way to Solve Page Cannot be Displayed Problem in Internet Explorer
If you encounter the page cannot be displayed in Internet Explorer in Windows XP, and you have actually configured network setting on this computer correctly...

Using FTP Client to Connect to FTP Server
Let me show you how to use simple and free FTP client in Microsoft Windows to connect to FTP server, so that you can transfer or update files easily.

Enabling Free FTP Server in Windows XP Professional
In case you are looking for free FTP server to do file transfer, then you can make use of ftp server that comes with Windows XP Professional.

Net Send – Message Sending Easily in Windows XP
Do you know you can use net send command in Windows XP to send message to other computer on the network easily?

Ethernet Network Card Configuration in Windows XP
Take a look on this article about how to configure Ethernet network card in Windows XP, so that can connect to network successfully.

Quick Way to Change Linksys Router Password
Do you know how to change Linksys router password? If not, keep on reading! Changing the router admin password (especially the default one) will improve the security of your router, so that it can’t be accessed by others by using publicly known default router password.

Simple PPTP VPN Server Setup in Windows XP
Do you know that you can actually set up a simple PPTP VPN server in Windows XP, so that you can connect to it securely and access your home network resources when you away from home?

Using WinSockFix to Fix Windows XP Networking Problem
WinSockFix is also known as WinSock XP Fix! This is a popular program that usually used to fix Windows XP networking problem that caused by faulty WinSock or registry.

Configuring PPPoE Dialer in Windows XP
Windows XP has built in PPPoE dialer, so you can utilize this dialer in order to connect to Internet via DSL/Cable modem with bridge mode configured.

3 Methods to Enable Program Exceptions in Windows Firewall
Recently I got a friend asking me how to open ports in Windows Firewall, so that he can run Windows Netmeeting in his home network. I said he doesn’t need to worry about it, since he can allow the access the first time and enable program exception in firewall.

IP Forwarding - How to make Windows XP as a Router
Do you aware that enabling IP forwarding using Windows XP Professional will make it as a simple router, so that you can have 2-3 different networks at home and those computers manage to talk to each other from different network.

Setting Up Network Bridge in Windows XP
Do you know that you can use network bridge to connect 2 or more network at home without using network router? Check out here...

Enabling Remote Desktop in Windows XP
Have you ever enabled Remote Desktop feature in Windows XP Professional, so that you can connect to this computer remotely? This is useful for you to connect to home network’s computers from office or access your family member’s computers to read file, run program and manipulate other remote computer resources.

Quick Way to Disable Simple File Sharing in Windows XP
Let me show you the quick way to disable simple file sharing in Windows XP Professional, so that you can share file with group or user permission (better security).

How to Turn Off Windows Firewall
Here are step-by-step instructions on how to turn off Windows Firewall in Windows XP with SP2. However please don’t simply turn off the firewall unless you have other firewall installed.

How to set IP Address and Other Network Information in Windows XP
This article will explain how to set IP Address and Other Network Information in Windows XP.

Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) in Windows XP
You can connect computers in your home network to the Internet by using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). The main benefit of this approach is you don't need to buy new router to share Internet connection at home.

Simple Way to Release and Renew IP Address in Windows XP
If you know the IP address of your computer is assigned by DHCP server, here is simple way to release and renew IP address.

How to set Computer Name and Workgroup in Windows XP
It’s better for you to set computer name and workgroup in Microsoft Windows network in order to identify the computers easier.

How to check network card driver status in Windows XP
You might lose network connection due to corrupted or incompatible network card driver after installing or upgrading in windows XP, so probably you want to check the card status to know whether the driver is installed.

File Sharing in Windows XP
You can do folder and file sharing in your network, so that they can be read or written by other users. However it's no advisable to share your folder with write permission, unless it's really needed.

How to Make Folder Private in Windows XP
Making folder private in Windows XP would restrict others from accessing that private folder. It would also disable sharing folder feature.

How to Share File with Group and User Permissions in Windows XP
Sometimes you might find out there is no group and user permissions control when you share file or folder in Windows XP. Did you know why?? It’s because you use default simple file sharing, that way you don’t have user or group permissions control.

How to Share Printer in Windows XP
Follow this step-by-step instructions to share printer in Windows XP.

How to enable or disable network connection in Windows XP
Windows XP provides you a feature to enable or disable network connection. This is especially useful for you to disconnect your network connection without physically unpluging network cable from network card.

Simple Way to Monitor Network Connection in Windows XP
You might want to monitor network connection after setting it up in Windows XP. This XP monitoring feature is useful to check your network speed, sent and received traffic information.

How to Find Other Computer's Shared Folder and File in Windows XP
This article will explain how to find other computer’s network share, such as shared folder and file in Windows XP.

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