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Windows XP Wireless Tips

This XP wireless page is dedicated to provide wireless networking tips on Windows XP. Have a quick look! I will add more contents soon. :o)

Windows XP Wireless Client Update with Service Pack 2 (KB917021)
You should install this Windows XP wireless client update that is specified in KB917021 if you are using wireless zero configuration in Windows XP to detect and join wireless network.

Windows XP - Wireless Adapter Configuration
In this article I will show you how to configure wireless adapter in Windows XP for joining wireless network.

Quick Way to Check Wireless Card Driver Status in Windows XP
As usual, we need to install wireless card driver on computer before connecting to wireless network, but the users might not too sure on how to check the driver status after the installation.

How to Disable or Disconnect Wireless Connection in Windows XP
It’s pretty simple and easy to disable or disconnect wireless connection in Windows XP! Disabling unused wireless connection is useful to save computer resources, whereas disconnecting wireless connection would enable you to connect to other wireless connections.

Wireless Zero Configuration in Windows XP
Wireless zero configuration is the feature of Windows XP that allows Windows to detect the available wireless networks and automatically connect to the most preferred wireless network.

Setting Up Ad Hoc Wireless Network in Windows XP
Do you know that you can set up ad hoc wireless network to share Internet Connection at home without using router and switch? Of course you can also use it to share files or printer between 2 or more computers.

Simple Way to Connect to Wireless Network in Windows XP
Here is simple way to connect to wireless network in Windows XP using its built-in wireless configuration tool.

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