Ziyituod AX200 PCI-E WiFi 6 Wireless Adapter

Ziyituod AX200 PCI-E WiFi 6 Wireless Adapter
With Ziyituod AX200 PCI-E WiFi 6 wireless adapter, it delivers from 80 MHz to 160 MHz higher peak data rates (up to 2.4Gbps) and up to 4x capacity improvement in dense or congested environments comparing to 802.11ac, therefore you can enjoy 8K movies, large file downloads and uploads, and responsive smart home devices – all without buffering.

This Ziyituod AX200 wireless adapter based on standard OFDMA for increased efficiency. Imagine your WiFi connection as a series of delivery trucks delivering data packets to your devices. With 802.11ac WiFi, each delivery truck or "packet" could only deliver one parcel to one device at a time. But with OFDMA, each truck can deliver multiple parcels to multiple devices simultaneously. This vast improvement in efficiency works for both uploads and downloads.

It's compatible with Windows10, Google Chrome OS and Linux. You can install it easily on Windows 10 or Linux machine by just plug and play with quick driver installation.

Important Specifications:

Device Type :
- PCI-E Wireless Adapter

- PCI Express

Wireless Network Standards:
- IEEE 802.11ax
- IEEE 802.11ac
- IEEE 802.11n
- IEEE 802.11g
- IEEE 802.11b
- IEEE 802.11a

Wireless Data Transfer Rates:
5GHz- UP to 2400Mbps
2.4GHz- UP to 574Mbps

Security Features:

You can learn more about this WiFi 6 card here!

User reviews on www.amazon.com:

Amazing Wifi 6 card, built with quality anikko November 7, 2019
I'm amazed with this wifi 6 card. You can see the quality and attention used to design and build this product (checkout my photos). I believe the item runs on an intel chipset, which is one of the reference chip in market for wifi. It is reliable and fast. I got the card connected and running in under 5 minutes with its step by step picture illustrated instructions. The speed was as expected, AMAZINGLY fast.

The manufacture also spent the money and effort to coat the base of the card black. I assuming it serves an electrical purpose but esthetically it looks great. I'm not sure if all consumers will notice these small improvements but when you add them all together it creates a great product. In addition, I believe the company is created by people is very mindful of the environment. The box it used to package the item is recyclables and they are saving the planet by not painting the box to make it look all pretty.

So with all this said Ziyituod is now my go to manufacturer for all quality computer parts. Thanks again for another wonderful product.

Please provide me with a thumbs up if this was helpful. Thanks.

Well made and easy to use WiFi card. Dimitris M. December 10, 2019
I've been using this card for about 2.5 weeks now and I am very pleased with its performance. Physically, it looks nicely made with a black PCB. The package includes everything needed for installation, even a screwdriver. Installation into an open PCIe slot was straightforward. An available USB header is needed for Bluetooth. I have used this card with both Windows 10 and Linux. Windows 10 detected the card and it was easy to tell it to find the needed drivers online and install them. Linux worked with the card right away, nothing needed to be installed. I did not use the provided driver CD at all. The card has worked flawlessly with both OSes and performance has been great with the AC router I have. I haven't used its BT much yet but I have paired a number of devices to it just to make sure it works. No issues. Overall I am very satisfied with this card.

Amazing card just plug n play Rana December 7, 2019
I'm not at all computer savvy. But this card was so easy to install, they provided everything needed even a screwdriver. I just opened my side panel slid this card in, and you don't even need the cd that comes with it. Win 10 recognized the card right away installed the necessary drivers and voila, we got SUPER fast wifi!! This card is no joke, backwards compatible with all wifi protocols AND ALSO HAS BLUETOOTH!! I'm running all of my peripherals on bluetooth now, and my internet speeds are exactly the same as they were with a cat 6 ethernet cable. This is an unbeatable quality card that's super easy to install for an amazing price.

Had Another Major Brand On And This One For Half The Cost Had 1 Extra Bar! Elizabeth December 12, 2019
I'm very happy with the card was a bit skeptical not knowing the brand but I'm glad that I took a chance because for the price it was up their with one that I had paid double for the name and this one got an extra bar of reception. Installation was extremely easy and their customer service did get back to me right away with a question I had. A+ on this one.

Intel a plus, USB a minus Jeremy A Smith December 24, 2019
Good: Shows up as Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200
Bad: I'm getting slower speeds than with my USB3 adapter though it may be because it's harder to line up the antenna? Also, I hadn't realized it it used up a USB 2 header for the bluetooth - now I have two ports on my case that don't work.

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